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  • Spiritual But Not Religious Apparel offers unique women’s, men’s, children’s metaphysical t-shirts, dresses, swimwear, hats, shoes, accessories and more. Celebrate what makes you you, match your mood, and voice your inner spirit.

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  • Aura Of Crystals is a metaphysical supply store based in Carrollton, TX offering healing crystals, chakra bracelets, essential oils, chakra artwork, energy grids, metaphysical jewelry, spiritual counseling, and energy work. We provide guidance on healing crystals, their meanings, and chakra training courses. Crystal healing is a pseudoscientific complementary medicine technique that uses semiprecious stones, fossils, and crystals such as quartz, amethyst, or opals. Discover the pure “aura of crystals” and unlock the power of healing crystals. Learn about their meaning, capabilities, uses, and healing properties for self-healing and to awaken the psychic sense. Aura Of Crystals also sells healing crystals at wholesale and retail prices.

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  • Casting Candles are pure manifestation magic! Cast your intentions into the universe to help with your finances, luck, love, career, health and more. We pour each candle by hand during each Full Moon. We hand select and charge the crystals. We sage and bless each one and enjoy every moment of creation. Almost every aspect of our candles is joyfully crafted by us! Light on fragrance and heavy on manifestation, we have blessed each candle to bring positive intention and powerful energy to your home or sacred space.
  • A result of research and training in candle magic, Casting Candles empower you to actively participate in your own spiritual process. Casting Candles can help you with your finances, luck, love, career, health and wellness and solve legal issues. The spiritual candle-magic line works like a prescription for your soul.

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  • We’re coming soon, thanks to you. A Holistic, spirit based animal rescue and sanctuary helping animals in need. #PawsitiveMagic
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